Service contract

 * see modifications due to covid-19

The signatory of this agreement undertakes to:

1.   Set up your booth on October 12 between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., and no later than Oct. 13 before 9 a.m., so that you are ready to open the show

2.   Provide all the hardware to install their kiosk at the designated location.

3.   Provide all advertising material for visitors free of charge, without any commitment from AERCQ.

4.   Publicize the congress with companies that are distributors of their products in order to encourage them to visit the website                                                   https: //www.special-aercq.com/ and to participate in the AERCQ 2020 radiocommunication congress.

L’A.E.R.C.Q . undertakes to :

1.   Prioritize the choice of booth location and conference space on a first come, first served basis.

2.  Provide a 120 V AC / 15 A electrical outlet, two (2) chairs, a table with a black tablecloth and wireless Wi-Fi at each standard kiosk (8 x 10).

3.   Equip the conference room with a projector, laptop and public address system.

4.   Allow one hour for each conference and each conference will be at least 30 minutes apart

5.   Keep the website up to date, https://www.special-aercq.com for this event, Salon de la radiocommunication 2021 de l'AERCQ.

6.   Advertise exhibitors and speakers from the AERCQ Radio Communication 2021 show.

7.   Create a hyperlink, so that when a user selects (clicks) your logo or your company name, it will be redirected to your company site or to another  l             location  of your choice.

8.   Provide you with all the logistical assistance you may need, to the best of our ability, to facilitate access to rooms and activities.

Condition of sale

   1.  The cost of renting your kiosk   includes  for  2 people: the welcome coffee break, the conference dinner and the cocktail.

   2.  The rental cost of the conference includes for 1 people:  the welcome coffee break, the dinner conference and the cocktail.

   3.   They may be additionnal charges if the number of people is greater than coditions  1 and 2.

   4.    Online payment is available from May 1, 2021.

   5.   Pay by check: A.E.R.C.Q. c / o Donald Girard 3310 rue de la Monnerie app. 1, Quebec, G1X 1Y8

   6.   When signing the form, pay by check 50% of the amount of your choice.

   7.  By August 1, 2021, the final payment of your invoice must be made.

   8.    Whenever possible,  payment should  be made in Canadian currency.

Cancellation policy:

As per your choice, the A.E.R.C.Q.  will send you a credit note for the next Radio Communication 2022 show or we will refund all amounts paid.


If  on Setember 1st, the show is canceled in accordance with the instructions from provincial and federal governments due to covid-19 . As per your choice a credit note or refund we be snt to you within 30 days.


The A.E.R.C.Q.  will charge you 50% of the total cost of the choices you made when registering online.

If the show takes place and you cancel your participation; 50% of the total amount of your invoice will not be refundable. 

We will send you a refund balance of the amounts paid less the 50% penalty within 30 days. 



The exchange rate used is based on the average rate from October 2020 to May  2021)